March 2021 marked the less than celebratory one-year anniversary of our lifetime’s first global pandemic. But in better news: It also marked the beginning of Method Week 12: Create.

While the “After Times” are in sight, the COVID-19 pandemic’s continued grip on our lives meant the 12th Method Week installment again took place at our respective homes. Following the lead of Week 11’s Learn theme, Week 12 focused on the power to Create.

Our team dedicated an entire week to everything from rug making, and building a mobile garden to spray painting, cooking, natural fabric dying, and photography.

Monday through…

Throughout our agency’s history, the way we work has evolved. But one aspect of that approach has always stayed the same: Our commitment to long-term partnerships with our clients.

We haven’t spoken much about our “engagement philosophy” because every project is a little different. But as our experience has grown, we’ve ironed out some core details that make our client relationships special. We’re calling this approach The Allied Team Model.

The Old Model

The craft of digital product design has come to occupy a unique space on both the in-house and agency sides of the business world. …

Because Method Weeks are times of fellowship and growth as a team, our first Method Week of quarantine presented the unique challenge of isolation.

But that didn’t stop us from taking a breath as a company and diving into the Learn theme. Just what, exactly would we be learning? Whatever we wanted!

The team was given the full week to devote to studying and creating anything they desired. Whether it was something that person had been putting off for a while, or a random pursuit they just encountered last week, everything was fair game.

We worked on our projects Monday…

Ranked at № 94, our name sits among an impressive list of fastest growing privately-owned companies in Texas.

Inc. Magazine announced publicly today that Funsize is № 94 on the Inc. 5000 Series: Texas Region list. Stemming from the renowned Inc. 5000, the regional series represents the most successful privately-held companies in Texas. This year, the 250 Texas companies represented have shown a median growth of 108%, represented $9.5 billion in revenue, and added 17,942 jobs to the Texas landscape.

You can see our profile here.

Note: This post lived on the back-end of our website for a while but never got published here. We hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Long ago, in a time before the word “COVID-19” was on everyone’s lips, our team enjoyed the tenth iteration of Method Week. It was a good one. So good in fact, that we let the memory of it live on in our heads and hearts for a solid seven months before telling its tale. At this point, the tardiness of our Method Week posts comes as no surprise. …

It’s been a few years since we published a “year in review” recap. Since 2020 was probably the most difficult year in the history of the modern world, it was certainly an interesting time to operate a family-owned design agency. And though there’s definitely an argument to be made for 2020 being “the year to forget,” we’re choosing to focus on the learning moments and pull out some of the good memories that have all become a part of the Funsize story (we also recorded a podcast about it!).

We’re pleased to say that, as a company, we made it…

The team keeping things social

With good reason, the Coronavirus is all anyone can think about these days. It has altered our way of life, creating uncertainty and fear throughout our country and the rest of the world. Everyone is handling the pandemic differently.

For us — and a lot of the country—it took a bit for the seriousness of the situation to register. We kept our eyes on the progression and the news for a while before deciding to shut the office down and go fully remote. …

The creativity, work, fun, and controlled chaos that made up Method Week 9 came from a simple question: How can we as designers do more?

Funsize has always aimed to function differently than a traditional design agency. Although that’s probably the most kitschy, hear-it-all-the-time statement in the marketing book, it’s true! We wanted to create an environment in which we could experiment; somewhere that created more than digital products, that felt like family and gave us the opportunity to take time off for special experiences and passion projects.

Method Week 9 was, in many ways, a culmination of those wants…

Tomando un viaje a Puerto Rico

Method Week 8 is behind us and it was one we’ll never forget. Here’s a high-level overview of some of the week’s top moments:

What’s Method Week?

If you’ve read our other Method Week posts, you’ll want to skip over this section as it will be highly repetitive. But for those who are unfamiliar, here’s a crash course:

Every quarter, we shut down our studio for one week to focus on our team. Each Method Week falls under one of four themes that correspond with core elements of our cultural philosophy.

Those themes are:

Make something together. It could be anything from…

Our culture is driven by our Method Weeks.

Okay, that might be a little extreme. But they’re a staple for sure. From the beginning, our founders wanted Funsize to be culturally flexible and experimental. They wanted to be able to take time to focus on team relationships and personal development — without looming projects and deadlines.


Because that’s the kind of place they wanted to work as they progressed in their own careers. …


A design agency that crafts leading experiences with inspiring product teams around the world.

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